Enter the One-Zero Startup Competition

The prize

One-Zero, in association with The Player's Impact, will offer the winner of the Start Up competition at One-Zero Dublin 2024, the opportunity to pitch to a syndicated community of over 700+ athletes following the conference.


Welcome to the One-Zero 2024 Startup Competition, where emerging sports tech visionaries compete to shape the future of sports. Join us in celebrating the next generation of sports technology leaders.

Before entering, consider your startup's journey: Where are you in your development cycle? Reflect on your key milestones, investments received, and the unique value your innovation brings to sportstech. This competition is a stage for those who've made significant strides in transforming sports through technology. Ensure your application showcases your progress and vision, positioning your venture for potential success in the One-Zero 2024 Startup Competition.

Entries closed for 2024.