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Not many journalists know their sportstech better than Emmet Ryan of the Business Post, and in this expertly moderated panel which includes Oren Simanian (MD of Colosseum Sport), Tim Hayden (MD of Stadia Ventures) and Eamonn Donlyn (Director at SportVEST), they discuss the latest trends in the industry.

Blockchain. VR. Esports.

It’s an exciting time to be a sportstech founder, and an equally exciting time to invest in sport.

Since 2014, more than $12.5 billion has been invested in sportstech companies, with the US and China leading the way in terms of large capital investments. A recent report from SportsTechX shows that this investment has led to 25 IPO’s, a further 23 exits, and 22 official unicorns. This is a staggering return for an industry that has traditionally been light in investment.

Our panel of experts for One-Zero 2019 discuss the latest trends in a booming eco-system, and where the next wave of sportstech unicorns might come from.

Check out the video in full here:

Our Sportstech & Innovation stage for One-Zero 2019 was powered by Dublin City Council – proudly supporting sports business in Dublin.

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