Grant Zinn


Grant Zinn is the Founder and CEO of Beastcoast. In 2017, Grant founded Beastcoast out of the desire to build the most player-focused and inclusive esports organization. A lifetime of experiences in the esports and gaming space led Grant to create a company with a goal to provide quality content, entertainment and community engagement while prioritizing player happiness and well-being. To date, Beastcoast fields top teams and players in several popular esports, including Dota 2, Rainbow Six Siege, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Pokémon VGC. Based in New York, Indiana, and Peru, Grant oversees a staff of 20+ employees as he leads Beastcoast’s growing operations. 

Prior to founding Beastcoast, Grant worked as a producer for Bleacher Report, leading the development of esports-focused content for a traditional sports audience. He also worked in the marketing wing of Squarespace, liaising with partnership teams to maintain and explore new esports sponsorship opportunities. Grant’s experiences in those positions informed his leadership of Beastcoast and has set the company up for continued growth and success


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WELCOME REMARKS – Governor Holcomb

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Drinks/Food @ NCAA

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Techstars Sports Demo Day

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PANEL: Pro athletes transitioning as Investors/Operators

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Fireside Chat

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KEYNOTE: Lemon Perfect founder story

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